Here at Educate78, we are on a mission:

To ensure that every student, in all 78 square miles of Oakland, has access to world-class public schools.

We see a unique opportunity and moment to make a real difference— and it’s going to take the community coming together to forge a new path forward for our kids.

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Teacher Retention Grants: Lazear Charter Academy

At Lazear Charter Academy — like so many Oakland public schools — students face a high level of stress outside the classroom that was negatively impacting both their learning at school and the school’s teacher retention rate. With the aid of a Teacher Retention Grant, Lazear teachers invested in a Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum to better meet students’ needs and limit teacher burnout.

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Teacher Retention Grants: Life Academy

Life Academy teachers are inquiring into their own practice and identifying successful approaches to improve outcomes for their students.

With the help of Mills Teacher Scholars, Life Academy teachers in the science and humanities departments are investing in their own professional development to improve outcomes for students. They’re using data to talk about student learning, and to get a student-focused look at what’s happening in their classrooms.

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