Here at Educate78, we are on a mission:

To ensure that every student, in all 78 square miles of Oakland, has access to world-class public schools.

We see a unique opportunity and moment to make a real difference— and it’s going to take the community coming together to forge a new path forward for our kids.

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A conversation with Bridges at Melrose principal Anita Comelo

In this #OakSDL conversation, we sit down with Anita Comelo is the Bridges @ Melrose principal and
where she actually started as sub three decades ago. Topics include how she got to where she is today,; how OUSD has changed since she was a student at Oakland High; Bridges’ aspirational outcomes for the next 5 years; and the need for more resources across our public education system.

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A conversation with OUSD’s longest-serving principal, Moyra Contreras

We recently sat down with Moyra Contreras, Melrose Leadership Academy’s founding principal and an Educate78 School Design Lab fellow. We covered a range of topics, including what it’s like to start a new school in OUSD; her leadership style and what motivates her; and how we can increase access to quality schools for all Oakland students.

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