Here at Educate78, we are on a mission:

To ensure that every student, in all 78 square miles of Oakland, has access to world-class public schools.

We see a unique opportunity and moment to make a real difference— and it’s going to take the community coming together to forge a new path forward for our kids.

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SBAC Oakland & Equity, Part 3

We are excited to share this last post in our three-part blog series about 2016 SBAC results for subpopulations in Oakland public schools. We’ll focus on Latino and African American students, two groups of students who historically have been underserved.

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An Exciting Time for Enrollment in Oakland Public Schools

School enrollment can be a unsettling time for public school families in Oakland. Fortunately, this year will be better for families. Oakland public schools have begun to modernize the enrollment process to make it more accessible, transparent, and equitable. Read about the highlights!

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SBAC Oakland & Equity, Part 2

This is our second in our series on SBAC and we will dive into schools with High English Learners to see who is doing well for that subgroup, which across the city comprises 30% of our public school students.

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