Here at Educate78, we are on a mission:

To ensure that every student, in all 78 square miles of Oakland, has access to world-class public schools.

We see a unique opportunity and moment to make a real difference— and it’s going to take the community coming together to forge a new path forward for our kids.

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Guest Post: Want to design a school? Go to jail!

Recently, Dr. César A. Cruz, an Educate78 School Design Lab fellow, visited San Bruno jail and listened as inmates spoke through tears about their schooling experiences. In a powerful guest post on our blog, Dr. Cruz shares a poem that came out of this experience, and 10 pieces of advice the men shared.

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Growth superstars – schools on the move!

In this CRUNCHED blog, Carrie Chan sifts through SBAC scores to find some “hidden gems”: schools who might not have super-high absolute proficiency rates (yet) but are doing a great job particularly for the most vulnerable students.

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Teacher Retention Grants: Greenleaf Elementary

Over the past few years, Greenleaf Elementary School’s average teacher retention rate has been 66 percent. To address this issue and keep more teachers at the school, leaders have looked for systemic ways to retain talent and build an environment that supports growth and allows for work and relationships to develop over a number of years, rather than restart each August. Through a partnership with The Teaching Well and with the support of an Educate78 Teacher Retention grant, the school has developed a support structure focused on professional development and feedback from teachers to ensure their voices are heard. And the retention rate is on the rise.

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