Our Programs

Beginning in Fall 2017, The School Design Lab will offer three different programs to transform, launch and grow transformational schools for Oakland. We offer a range of pre-authorization and start-up grant awards and programming to both district and charter-managed schools.

Transformation Fellowship

Innovation Fellowship

Grow Project:

Through this 5-year fellowship and grant program, we will support high impact school leaders and their teams to transform their high potential schools to move from “good to great” through redesign and/or quality improvement and collectively provide 5,000 more students with high quality public school options.

Through this highly selective 5-year design and implementation fellowship, we will support transformationally-minded entrepreneurs to prototype and launch innovative new schools specifically designed to meet the needs of 1,500 of Oakland’s historically underserved and/or most vulnerable students.

Through assessment, technical assistance, and grant funding, this project seeks to expand existing high quality schools to serve 3,500 more Oakland students.



We are currently accepting applications for up to 3 new Transformation Fellows. Application are due Friday, June 23 by 5 PM.

We are currently accepting applications for up to 2 new Innovation Fellows. Applications are due Friday, June 23 by 5 PM.

Application for this program is by invitation only