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What does the state’s lowest 5% list mean for Oakland?

On the last day of January 2019, with little fanfare and drowned out by the impending strikes over unacceptably low teacher pay, the California Department of Education published a list of schools that are eligible for additional support and funds from the state. It’s...

Stopping the School-to-Prison Pipeline

In light of recent national reports on continued disparities in school discipline, we look at suspension rates in Oakland public schools. Let’s see what the national reports say and how Oakland is doing.

A conversation with Bridges at Melrose principal Anita Comelo

In this #OakSDL conversation, we sit down with Anita Comelo is the Bridges @ Melrose principal and
where she actually started as sub three decades ago. Topics include how she got to where she is today,; how OUSD has changed since she was a student at Oakland High; Bridges’ aspirational outcomes for the next 5 years; and the need for more resources across our public education system.

Teacher Retention Grants: Lazear Charter Academy

At Lazear Charter Academy — like so many Oakland public schools — students face a high level of stress outside the classroom that was negatively impacting both their learning at school and the school’s teacher retention rate. With the aid of a Teacher Retention Grant, Lazear teachers invested in a Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum to better meet students’ needs and limit teacher burnout.