We’re thrilled to introduce our first ever cohort of Educate78 School Design Fellows!

Over the next several years, this group will work through the complex process of envisioning, designing, prototyping, launching, and continuously improving a transformational set of Oakland public schools. Together, this cohort will have the collective capacity to serve 4,000 Oakland public school students.

Any way you cut the numbers, this is a powerful and impressive group of designers.  Let’s meet them!

School Design Fellows by the Numbers

  • 92% People of Color and Women
  • 10 Schools
  • 3 Next Generation Learning Challenge Oakland Participants
  • 100% Dedicated to equitable, high quality schools for Oakland students and families

By Design Team Leaders

Oral Lee Brown

Vidrale Franklin

Emma Hiza

Ashley Martin

Yanira Canizales

Shelley Gordon

Cliff Hong

Rodney Pierre-Antoine

Katherine Carter

Damon Grant

Jared Karol

Jeff Duncan-Andrade

David Hardin

Jerl Laws

Learn more about our SDL Fellows and meet our Coaches!