Educate78 Donors

Educate78 is a non-profit organization that depends on philanthropic donors to support our work to reimagine Oakland public education to better serve all children across our town’s 78 square miles. Our funders share our commitment to working with all public education organizations – from school districts to community-based organizations – to improve public education in Oakland, throughout the Bay Area, and across the country. We deeply appreciate all of our donors, past and present, for their generous support, and look forward to continuing to work together to improve public education for all children of Oakland no matter their background or circumstances.

Amy & Rob Stavis

Bouncer Foundation

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Bloomberg Philanthropies

Doris & Donald Fisher Fund

John and Ann Doerr

Laura and John Arnold Foundation



Michael & Susan Dell Foundation

NewSchools Venture Fund

Perkins Hunter Chicago Foundation

Rogers Family Foundation

Schwab Foundation

Sidney E Frank Foundation

Silicon Schools Fund

Walton Family Foundation