Real Talk on the #OUSDBudget

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OUSD and FCMAT: Preparing for the Dec. 13 Report

On December 13, as OUSD’s Board votes on extremely painful midyear budget cuts, staff will also share their plan to strengthen the district’s fiscal management: The FCMAT Action Plan. In this #OUSDBudget series post, we examine what FCMAT is, and what’s in the latest report.

Equity & OUSD Budget

Join us in part 4 of our #OUSDBudget Real Talk series. This time, we look at the question of equity. We are asking if OUSD’s spending is equitable. Check out the answer.

Central Office Spending

In the next part of our OUSD budget series, we are looking at how much money gets to schools and classrooms. Our research and analysis confirmed what many have suspected: OUSD spends much more on the central office than comparable districts.