REP Academy

Laney College: AA
San Francisco State University: BA
Vesalius College, Brussels: Study Abroad Certificate

My background is in community organizing, and I bring that skill set to the world of education. I bring people together with purpose, creativity, and a high level of integrity. I organize community groups, educators, students, and working professionals who realize that reimagining educational practices in Oakland is urgently needed to confront the issues we face today and in the future. As a father of a little girl attending school in Oakland, I am driven by my desire to provide her a vastly better experience.

I’m a product of the Oakland Unified School District. I don’t need another person’s truth or much imagination to know the life of Oakland students. My experience––and the experiences of my friends, family members, and former classmates––are etched into my core. I know the pain of a child subjected to an overworked and poorly resourced teacher. I’ve seen greatness rot on the vine because the system wasn’t set up to recognize genius in poor, black and brown children. I’ve seen ‘dreams deferred’ by the nihilism created by a stagnate education system. Regrettably, these realities are still true today. I’m working to change that.

REP Academy is wholeheartedly challenging the status quo, attempting to bend the system around the needs of the children. We’re constantly inspired to ‘Think, Make, Change’. We are dreaming big things for Oakland students, and we will encourage our students to dream big things for Oakland. The system tries to force us to accept conditions as unavoidable consequences, but my team believes that the advancement of education requires a constant push on the edges––a forced expansion of what’s possible.

Today there is an opportunity for Oakland education to evolve––and not just for a few students in a few affluent areas in Oakland. I have no greater joy than empowering my daughter with confidence, critical thinking skills, and the creativity to dream big. Earlier this year she got the notion to become a published author. She has come up with a very unique idea for a children’s book, and together we’ve researched, planned, wrote, designed, and formatted over 50 pages of story and illustrations for her book. It’s called “The Princess Escape,” and will be self-published in February 2017.