An East Bay native, Carrie grew up and attended public schools in Oakland and Alameda.  Reminded of her childhood experience of being a first-generation socioeconomically disadvantaged student seeking quality education in Oakland, she decided to shift career focus from chemical engineering to addressing a more personal issue: educational inequalities.  As an analyst for Educate78, she has the opportunity to go back and serve her local community, leveraging her analyses skill set to offer data-driven insight.

As a recipient of the QuestBridge National Match scholarship, Carrie attended Stanford University, where she received her BS in Chemical Engineering.  Prior to returning back to the East Bay, she previously interned and worked at Clean Energy Conversions Lab at Stanford University, DuPont Industrial Biosciences (previously Genencor), and Stanford Center for Stress and Health.  Her interests include volunteering with a local tutoring center for ESL students and aboard the USS Hornet as a STEM instructor, melding her interests in education and science.