Berkeley Maynard Academy (Aspire)

Grade 7 Subject: K–2nd- Reading Intervention
San Francisco State University: BA Liberal Studies
San Francisco State University: Multiple Subject Teaching Credential

My decision to pursue education was inspired by my dad, who taught middle school for decades. Through his profession, he taught me the value of hard work, helping others, and how immersing yourself in something meaningful can be incredibly powerful. I love getting new perspectives on the inner workings of a school and am always grateful for opportunities to grow and expand my understanding.

When I was completing my Bachelor’s Degree at San Francisco State University, I chose an emphasis in Ethnic Studies. Now, in my role as a K–2 Reading Interventionist, I get to work with an incredibly diverse population of students– approximately 45% African American, 45% Latino and 10% other ethnicities. Over the years, I have worked with incredible students and families who endure so much, yet come to school eager to learn. I look forward to working with these students every day.

Berkeley Maynard Academy is an incredible school for students, families and staff. We have a great school culture, and working alongside my peers and administration makes me hopeful for the future. The school is doing so many things right, from a supportive admin who makes decisions based on the needs of our scholars, to high retention and rigorous teaching practices. There is a true feeling of joy working at BMA and our students and families can feel it.

I am proud to serve the families and children of Oakland––a city with a tremendous and fascinating history. Oakland has been home to families who have overcome generational poverty. I am proud to be a part of these families’ lives and I’m always touched by the love, hope, and spirits that exists. The landscape of Oakland is experiencing dramatic changes, and I wonder what will become of the families who will be displaced––how will Oakland schools support a broader, inclusive common narrative? I know that as long as I’m working in Oakland education, I will do my part to tell the complete story.