Roosevelt Middle School

University of Puget Sound: BS- Exercise Science
UC Berkeley: MPH- Master in Public Health
High Tech High Graduate School of Education: MEd in School Leadership

In elementary school, my sister and I rode the bus across town from our middle class, suburban neighborhood to a school downtown that was attended by students from different neighborhoods in our city. Going to a school outside of my immediate community significantly influenced my interest in creating and supporting diverse educational environments where students from different backgrounds can learn from each other.

As a graduate student in the field of Public Health, I became very interested in understanding health disparities experienced by underserved populations. This led me to work on a public health research project in Richmond, CA that aimed to engage middle school students in social action projects. I saw that when youth learned organizing skills and created change in their community at a relatively young age, they became empowered to make changes that could lead to improved health outcomes in the long term. Experiences like this within the realm of public health inspired me to work in schools to help young people gain skills to shape their own future.

Oakland’s unique population makes me most hopeful about public education. I look forward to interacting with a diverse group of students every day. The fact that our students have the opportunity to learn from a heterogeneous group of peers is a great asset that they will build on for the rest of their lives. I am hopeful that we will find new ways to increase integration within our schools to amplify this asset. It is very exciting to explore new ideas and work with our community to think about how we might best support our students today and in the future.

In my current role at Roosevelt I get to think a lot about change––what we should implement to best support the development of our students, teachers, and staff. Having the daily opportunity to learn new things from our students and support them in navigating their academic and social environment pushes me to do my best. I’m most proud of my ability to be reliable and lead by example for students and co-workers. By being consistent in my role, I hope that I can help others fulfill their responsibilities and, ultimately, support them in doing their best and most inspired work.