Who We Are

Our Vision

Every child in Oakland’s 78 square miles, regardless of income, race, neighborhood, or background, will have access to a world class public education

Our Mission

Through strategic giving and leadership, we support the creation of high quality schools and the policies that enable them, strengthen practices to attract and retain educators, and amplify the voices of families and community on public education issues.

Our Core Values

  • Connected: Working collaboratively, engaging and empowering others, and finding common ground in a diverse and treasured community
  • Authentic: Being consistent, transparent, true to our beliefs, and humble in our work
  • Purposeful: Acting with intention and urgency towards our long-range goals
  • Equity-centered: Challenging ourselves and others to ensure our work contributes to transformational outcomes across race and class
  • Solution-oriented: Persistently exploring the possible with creativity and nimbleness to get things done in a complex ecosystem

Our Board